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Hey , Before u can become a staff u will need to made an app. Here is the format, u shall just made a new Topic call it Staff app [Username] copi it and past, then write in the missed text.

IRL Name:



What do u wanna become : [Supporter], [Scripter] , [ Gm ] or [Admin]

What server do you wanna be staff on ? Night Fall or Shadow Risk :

What gms on The server do u know ?

Why do u wanna become Staff :

Do u ever have donatet :

How long time have u played normal wow :

How long time have u played on this server:

Do u ever have become Staff :

How much experience do u have as Gm,Admin,Scripter or Supporter and how long:

Some info about u self:

REQUIREMENTS: u need to be an active member!

Thanks for looking at my app ..


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